We are a membership based networking site for Local and Independent Markets. The forum connects people nationwide with various events, small shops, traveling services, sales people, space owners, etc. People could video chat and interview for part-time sales rep positions in their own cities markets on behalf of a small shop so that business could expand their reach nationwide. Event coordinators would diversify their market by networking and finding new concept and "guest" vendors to apply. The site will host valuable content such as articles, interviews, tips, and emerging locations. We would charge $25 annually to be part of the community and have access to this networking, marketing, information, nationwide events and ways to expand your small shop. It's a place for people to find each other and check out the goods others are offering. It's a place to post your pictures, where vendors can chat with other vendors in cities they are considering entering and serve as a jumping off point of reference for starting new markets, encouraging creatives to put themselves out there with their own new business, as well as find inspiration and exchange ideas within the community to put your person twist on and see it bloom. 

Investing in local businesses can help put a third of that that cities money back into building their own city, that's the goal! It adds to the character, tourism factor and local pride by fostering start ups and keeping a competitive edge on corporate brands seeking to enter the marketplace.

Face to face selling is the most powerful way to expose and sell the goods you have to offer the world, making it a great place for online shops, such as Etsy shops, to get involved too. 

This is a collaboration, the best way to grow and develop every market. We come together in this community to be synergistic, create something bigger than the sum of our individual parts.

We hope to see you inside!