Uncovering the conscious business's success. Changing tomorrow with the emerging businesses of today.

"Responsibility is a function and benefit of being alive." Carol Sanford

Businesses will ultimately transform their surroundings. They are also evolving entities that must adapt to the changing society in order to survive. Each of our businesses need to have a set of values that our decisions are based around. We need to remember that the success of a business is dependent on collaboration, with other businesses and the environment. Collaboration creates new opportunities. In these times of a humanitarian crisis epidemic and global warming, we need to create innovative ideas to better our world. Our diversity drives innovative ideas and authenticity, making us pioneers in the public marketplace. Corporations, much more so than non-profits, have the financial flexibility to create great positive strides in our future. This is why The Vendor Exchange, LLP is devoted to working with emerging businesses to instill ethically and socially responsible business practices and operations into their foundations. We advise businesses to find personal ways in which they can incorporate and embed positive change. 

We typically do advising for businesses who are in their early years of development, although we can accommodate businesses at a variety of stages. Once we get rolling in our businesses it is easy to get caught up in the day to day necessary operations and take less time to re-think our purpose; what we are doing, why we decided to do it and where we want to go from here. In the first couple years a business has gained some experience and insight and it is the perfect time to reinvigorate and assess their direction. 

Our program offers a current business evaluation and exercises to dive deeper to uncover expanded passions. We listen to what has been left unsaid and bring it to the surface. We will help you to narrow your niche while expanding on collaborative and demographic opportunities. Through strategy and resources you will be able to develop a personalized Socio-Ethical Responsibility Business Model based on this re-evaluation. You will be able to write or re-write your business Purpose Statement and define success through your responsible credentials. 

Our advising program consists of 3 meeting sessions, each an hour long. Our suggested price is $300.