To innovate business models, helping emerging businesses define, develop and insert practices for positive local, social, environmental and socio-economic change. Our core goal is to build connections for positive change & stronger growth. We are a catalyst, linking insights to ideas, lifestyles to positive impacts. We passionately create stronger bonds & responsible work ethic within the community. These connections will build upon the revolution of positive change & fuel growth for emerging businesses. We are differentiators in the movement. The strength of our core purpose centers around the people within the community. Unique talent, accountability and the spirit of collaboration make the greatest impact. We help companies to reset their growth strategies. We encourage them to put diversity to work because diversity drives innovation & growth. The revolutionary change starts in each of our homes and is strengthened by the collaborative community contract in the marketplace to evolve symbiotically. 


Corporations, much more so than non-profits, have the financial flexibility to make positive changes in our future. We assist in instilling socially, environmentally & ethically responsible business practices & operations into today's emerging businesses. We achieve this through networking events, educational resources, advising, an online publication and community makers market events, providing opportunities for immersion and financial growth. In this way, we tackle local, social, environmental & socio-economic issues. We create new opportunities for positive change. 


To connect people with the shared purpose of adding value to the lives of everyone in a local community.


  1. Live and grow authentically

  2. Integrate Earth as a business stakeholder and partner

  3. Unify and uplift local business and community

  4. Operate through intention and purpose